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Nationwide online catalog of Bed & Breakfast in Denmark

NET B & B Denmark is a private company whose purpose is to present Danish accommodation: Bed & Breakfast, farmhouses and private accommodation.

The web site was set up in 1999 as the first of its kind in Denmark, and it has grown to become one of the main sites for seeking private accommodations in Denmark.

On the site you can choose between approximately 300 different Bed and Breakfasts throughout Denmark.
NET B&B Denmark advertise on Google and it is among the most visited accommodation sites in Denmark. We have annually more than 150,000 unique visitors from around the world and about 400,000 views.

NET B&B Danmark is not involved in the booking of rooms. People who want to book accomodation must contact the host directly. In this way you will have the direct contact without any further delay or extra costs.

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Facts about Denmark

Denmark is approx. 43.000 km2
It consist of a main pininsula (Jutland) and approx. 1400 islands, of which Seeland (with Copenhagen) and Funen (with Odense) are the biggest.
The coastline is more than 7300 km long.

Denmark has 5,5 mill. citizens

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